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Isabella "Bunny" Bennett. From her Instagram

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Isabella Bunny Bennett is an artist, and actor that portrays Rabbit in the Musical Pantomime Troupe, Steam Powered Giraffe. Isabella is 33 years old and currently resides in San Diego. She started her physical transition with hormones in July 2014, changing the gender of her robot character earlier in the year.

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Isabella "Bunny" Bennett. From her Instagram


Isabella Bunny Bennett is the identical twin of David Bennett. She is a mime, actor, graphic designer, and illustrator.

Her interests include movies, monsters, dinosaurs, art, and theatrical makeup.

Her artistic inspirations include Dali, Burne Hogarth, and Leonardo DaVinci.

When Bunny was a child she would draw continuously, and wanted to be a cartoonist when she grew up.

Always highly imaginative along with her brother, she would come up with with quirky stories and characters and express them through drawings and little comic books she would make.

In high school she joined the drama department after seeing her brother in a play, and graduated with honors.

From high school she attended the Art Institute of California, majoring in Game Art and Design, but as the first year curriculum went on, she dropped out, foreseeing a stale career of drawing muscular men and rendering football players. She wasn’t convinced it would be a job where her imagination could wander and freely thrive.
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Isabella "Bunny" Bennett. From her Instagram

She once again dabbled in acting, but this time at Grossmont Community College, where she took Jerry Hager's mime class along with Jon Sprague and Erin Burke. She urged her brother to take the class with her the following year, and having found enjoyment doing pantomime, the four of them took it a third year as well, spawning the now famous Steam Powered Giraffe


Today, when not being a robot, Bunny illustrates in her free time and works on other creative endeavors. (Bio courtesy Steam Powered Giraffe's official site.)

On January 24, 2016. Bunny's name and gender were officially changed.


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Isabella "Bunny" Bennett. From her Instagram

Bunny was born October 7, 1986 and has a twin brother, David Michael Bennett. Her art can be found here:
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