Hatchworth. Photo by Geekshot Photography.

The robot now known as Hatchworth was constructed in 1896 by Colonel Peter Walter I, from parts of a cast iron stove. The moniker of "Hatchworth" is due to a constant supply (a hatch's worth, if you will) of mysterious, and quite delicious, sandwiches, badgers, and badger sandwiches, provided by his chest hatch. This chest door opens to a space-time rift in his blue matter core that Peter Walter I suspected led to an alternate dimension. As of 2013, he had been upgraded with musical capability and played bass and drums in Steam Powered Giraffe. He was portrayed by Sam Luke. As of 2016, he is no longer performing with Steam Powered Giraffe.


Hatchworth's arguably most important feature is the dimensional portal in his blue matter core, from which anything from sandwiches to badgers can be pulled. In 1897, Hatchworth was equipped with a collapsible artillery cannon to battle against Thaddeus Becile's copper elephant army. In this war design, his design includes said cannon, and a reinforced blue matter hatch to stabilize the portal and keep it relatively safe.

He is often seen wearing his future-seeing spectacles, infamous orange mustache, and bowler hat. From said hat juts a large exhaust pipe. It is possible that due to this, the hat is part of his framework and cannot be removed.

After an unstated accident, it is said that Hatchworth only has one hand, the other being made up of an apple and various erasers and pencils. This is, however, a lesser known fact due to it being excellently covered by a glove.


Peter Walter I began constructing an army of robots out of any usable source of metal he could find. This lead to the creation of Hatchworth, originally made from a cast iron stove. Peter Walter I managed to use Hatchworth as an active, semi-stable rift to what Peter hypothesized was an alternate universe as a result of an experiment. This rift proved to be useful in the war against the Becile copper African elephants as Hatchworth could fire an array of seemingly endless ammunition from his chest.

After the war, Hatchworth, like many of the robots, was put to use upkeeping the Walter Manor in San Diego, California. It was during this time he received the name Hatchworth.

He came under scrutiny when the Walter family hosted the Fluffy Kitten and Puppy Foundation's Annual Gala inside Walter Manor. The puppies and kittens mysteriously started transforming into giant badgers. Matters only worsened when Hatchworth tried to remove the badgers by sticking them down his hatch. The giant badgers then began materializing at the Yearly Tea & Quiet Music Exhibition five miles away.

Upon inspection, Peter Walter II discovered a hairline fracture in Hatchworth's power core. The only person who could fix Hatchworth's leaking blue matter core was the bedridden Peter Walter I. The Walter family locked Hatchworth in a lead-lined vault deep within the Walter Manor until they could find a solution.

Months turned to years, and years into decades, but no solution was found. However, in 2010, after being struck by a flash of inspiration, Peter Walter VI found a correlation between Hatchworth's broken power core and a physical injury he had sustained after an unfortunate scientific accident. He rushed to the basement and repaired poor Hatchworth before his epiphany passed.

Today, Hatchworth is fully functioning and his programming has even been upgraded to include the musical functions of other robots like Rabbit or the Spine. When Hatchworth is not reading his copy of Mustache Today, he still enjoys pretending to ride a bike and creating his special mystery sandwiches.

As of 2016, Hatchworth has left Steam Powered Giraffe in hopes of successfully following his new passion: "Gold-Fishing".


Hatchworth performs the main vocals for the following songs:

Hatch Fever (MK III, 2013)

Fancy Shoes (MK III, 2013)

 Please Explain (MK III, 2013) 

 Go Spine Go (MK III, 2013) 

 SteamJunk (The Vice Quadrant, 2015) 

 W.I.N.K the Satellite (The Vice Quadrant, 2015) 

 The Pulls (The Vice Quadrant, 2015) 

 Where I Left You (The Vice Quadrant, 2015)  

 The Space Giant (The Vice Quadrant, 2015)   

 Blue Portals (Quintessential, 2016)

 Only Human (Quintessential, 2016)

 Leopold Expeditus (Quintessential, 2016)

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