Peter Walter I drawn by Bunny Bennett.

Colonel Peter Walter is the creator of the robots and the scientist behind the concept of Blue Matter.

The Start of the RivalryEdit

Peter and the scientist Thadeus Becile were good friends all throughout university. The two were so close that you rarely ever saw them apart from each other. The two of them along with a woman named Delilah Moreau were members of a group known as the Cavalcadium , an elusive group of people with great minds coming together for science, arcana, alchemy, and art. With Delilah in the group the two of them tried hard to get her attention the most.

At first this attention seeking started out as a petty rivalry between the two friends. Unlike the regular men, the two of them tried to win her over through the power of their inventions. Eventually time went on and Delilah never showed any interest towards either of the two men.

At a convention Thadeus revealed a rock candy source referred to as Green Matter. Peter disagreed with Thadeus and claimed that this matter was too unstable for use and suggested for further testing. Delilah agreed with Peter which infuriated Thadeus. Despite about what he had said, Peter was a little bit jealous of this power source that was discovered.

The troublesome petty arguments that had started years ago had eventually escalated and driven the two men apart from each other. Eventually they were no longer university pals.

At the next convention Thadeus had revealed his Copper Elephant powered by Green Matter which was beyond what Peter was capable of doing. Because of this invention it nearly won Delilah’s heart. After that convention they became enemies.

Peter went to build a contraption of his own in order to outdo his competition. Peter managed to create a mechanical giraffe that was 136 feet high. In order to power the giraffe, Peter was able to find a source that outshined Green Matter. It was a safer source that he called Blue Matter.

After he had created the giraffe he decided to move forward and create robots. Using the same blue matter he was able to create these mechanical beings and bring them to life. He was able to teach them how to play instruments and serenade the lovely Delilah.

In an outrage Thadeus installed a phonograph on his elephant. Peter enabled his bots to fight and Thadeus was kicked out of the Cavalcadium.


Peter eventually had gotten so involved with his work that he had forgotten why he had built the robots in the first place. Eventually he managed to allow the robots to sing for the lovely Delilah, but he was too late. Delilah unfortunately passed away. Her passing left a hole in his heart and a fire of anger inside.

Eventually Peter went back deep into his work but he wasn’t able to think like he did before. He became dangerous because of his misery. His thoughts eventually lead him to a great accident. He experimented with Blue Matter while working on his last musical robot. A rift managed to open up in his laboratory which enabled him to harness the full potential of Blue Matter. His once simple minded robot had now become an artificial intelligence.

The news of Delilah’s passing spread to Africa where Thadeus was. In that moment he wanted back to the Cavalcadium and tried many ways to find how to fully harness the power of Green Matter. In time he had built an entire army of copper elephants in order to seek out sources of rock candy for Green Matter. With the chaos in Africa, received word and new exactly what he had to do.

Peter had opened up a portal and his machines went through. Peter wanted no part of starting this war and felt that they were better off without him. Another gentlemen arrived at his manor later on about the same matter. He told Peter that because of his involvement with Blue Matter, he needed to take part of this to prevent any future damage. Peter eventually agreed and brought his robots to war. Finding any weapons that he could use to upgrade the robots for the great battle against this great elephants. Peter had an entire army ready for battle.

The battle lasted for three days and Peter and his bots managed to take control of the rock candy mines Thadeus was after. Thadeus and his green zombified minions who ran the elephants where imprisoned. The elephants were dismantled and Peter and his bots were able to go home.

Peter reinstalled the musical programming for his bots and brought them to the first World’s Fair in 1915. He began calling his bots “P.A Walter’s Steam Man Band”.

Soon Peter Walter was able to start a family and live out his life as a recognized scientist. He had a son named after him Peter Walter II who continued where Peter I had left off when he passed.